Baby Feeding Tracker

Baby Tracker is an app for new mothers. Once a new mom leaves the hospital she no longer has the help of nurses and doctors. Before she leaves they explained how often she needs to feed her baby, how many messy diapers her baby should have, among a thousand other things. The overwhelming amount of information that she now has to remember can cause more stress on top of adjusting to her new life. Baby tracker is there to track feedings, diaper changes, pumping, and doctor visits so she doesn't have to remember on her own. 


Adding new activities is simple and enjoyable.

I wanted to make tracking these tasks as enjoyable as possible. By adding intuitive interactions and enjoyable animations, new moms feel less stressed about remembering important information and can focus on connecting with their baby.


Often times new mothers will be tracking diapers or feedings at night. I designed a "night-mode" for the app that not only makes it easier on the mom's eyes but doesn't wake up her baby who she just barely got to sleep. 


Landing Page

When designing the home page for Baby Tracker, I wanted to make sure that our new mothers understand that Baby Tracker is to help them feel that they are not alone. The whole purpose of the project is to empower new mothers. The "baby blues" are real and feeling overwhelmed with knowing how to take care of a new baby can make those feelings of inadequacy and anxiety even stronger.

Desktop HD.png



Each screen shows the different activities that can be tracked by Baby Tracker. Each is color-coded to give the mother an easier and quicker time finding desired activities to add. 


While this app has more iterations to go through, these designs give a good foundation on which to start. Each design decision was made intentionally. I believe that an app designed this way will not only help mothers keep track of their baby's health but give them a little more joy along the way.