Mesh App

Mesh is an app for students to find and share events that are happening in their areas. It has started just in the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys but will soon be available for other locations.

select school.png

Select your school

To sign up, users need to select their university. This will allow Mesh to verify their account and send them school events. This also allows them to create school specific events later on in the app. 

Adding interests... interesting

One of the first steps to creating a Mesh account is adding interests. This will allow users collect possible activities that they may be interested in attending. 

Interests are important as they become categories for events later on. When creating an event a user can tag one or more categories so that they will show up in other users' feeds.


Browsing the feed

Suggested events will show up in a users feed. Events can be saved to a calendar, shared, and even allow the user to RSVP. Eventually Mesh will not only be the way to share events but also the event management tool for event organizers.

Searching to your heart's content

All created events are searchable on the search page of the app. This is a great way to allow users to find events for categories that they are not subscribed to. Event creators can promote their events to reach a wider audience.