Billboard Template Designer

One of the biggest hurdles for new advertisers to launch billboard campaigns on the Blip platform is artwork. Most of the advertisers using Blip are small to medium sized businesses who may not have in house graphic designers. We saw a large abandonment during campaign creation when users were asked to upload creative. 

My job was to help the product team design solutions to help users get instant artwork 

first page.png

The Problems

1. A lot of sizes. I mean a lot of sizes. 

Most folks don't know that digital billboards come in all shapes and sizes. On the Blip platform right now there are over 250 unique dimensions. When advertisers select more boards there is a higher chance they have to recreate their artwork several different times

2. Good design is expensive. 

Most small businesses don't have graphic designers in house. A lot of these people are trying to design billboard artwork themselves and the quality that they can produce a lot of times is not acceptable standards for the sign owners so they will reject artwork.

3. Tire kickers

A fair amount of users are just checking out what Blip has to over. Why not give them a little more value and get them excited about billboard design instead of them uploading a picture of their cat or the taco they ate last week.


1. Don't make photoshop. Keep it simple

2. Follow rules of good billboard design. Again, keep it simple stupid.

3. Generate all those sizes. Yes, all those sizes

Sketching and wireframes

Every great design starts as a sketch. I spent a while trying to find as many ways to solve this problem as I could. When I had a couple ideas I thought we could test I started wire-framing.

Teste, iterate, test, iterate...


Problems we found. This was underwhelming to a lot of people. Solution to test, add a preview


Users started to get excited about their designs and started to see the potential of using a simple tool like this

But we were still seeing users enter in too much text. So to help solve this problem we added a character counter.


We knew we were getting somewhere when we heard things like, "Can I use this design? or , "I would pay for this!"

What comes next

There are a ton of ways we can improve this design and give more tools to advertisers. I am excited to iterate and test other ideas to give more value to advertisers.