Blip Product Design

I have worked on several projects for the Blip digital products since starting as their product designer. My roles included researching, sketching, designing, and testing, and preparing each feature for development. I worked closely with the development team and project managers to efficiently improve the product.

Billboard Template Designer

One of the biggest hurdles for new advertisers to launch campaigns on the Blip platform is getting artwork ready. Because there are many different sizes and resolutions for digital billboards, small advertisers historically had a difficult time knowing what they needed to upload to get their message on a billboard. 


My task was to design a tool that allows users to create a billboard design that they would be proud of and allow them to do so inside the product. I needed to instruct our users on good billboard design, but still make a tool that would allow them to maintain their own brand.

Subscription model

One problem that we saw was that advertisers didn't understand how to measure the success of billboards. A lot of our users would run a campaign for a week and expect several calls for new business. We needed a way to teach our users to stick around and see what results would come in 3 months or longer. 

Subscriptions are a good way of showing the benefits of long-term advertising while still making it affordable to the user. 

My task was to design a subscription flow for new and existing users. 

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