Cool is an app to control your smart thermostat. Below is a selection of screens from the Cool app, and a quick description of the major design decisions. Keeping it cool means keeping it simple, basic, and best of all a joy to use. 


Changing rooms is a cinch

Switching in between rooms is an important feature for the app. The user should be able to get the right room fast. This allows them to get to the right room fast and get the temperature feeling just right. Never too hot, never too cold. Just keep it cool. 

Set a schedule

Setting a schedule is one of the beauties of having a smart thermostat. Creating the perfect ecosystem for your house is a great feature. Setting a schedule is not a daily activity though. That is the reason it is deprioritized on the screen. It only needs to be set every once in a while so I kept it out of the way. 


When designing the home page for COOL, I wanted to make sure that I am showing off the best parts of COOL. Showing the screens and how they will benefit the customer will help cement the power of the app, and how it frees up the customer's life, saves them money, and brings them a bit of joy in their lives.

Making a Home Page

Desktop HD.png

The Screens