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Speedhut Customizer


Speedhut has not updated their website in about 10 years. Since they are a custom gauge company, they require a customizer tool. The tool they have been using has been difficult to operate, did not allow users to save designs, and offers too many options. My role in the project was to design a new customizer that solved these problems, but that was also enjoyable to use. 


1. Easy to use. 

2. Consolidate options. Keep popular options and eliminate the ones not used.

3. Mobile Friendly.


4. Ability to save designs to user's account


Easy to Use

Making the customizer tool easier to use was our number one priority. To understand what the problems were we had to figure out what our customers wanted out of a shopping experience. Learning about these types of shoppers was essential to making the customizing experience as frictionless as possible. 


After some research, we created three personas that describe the majority of our customers and why they are buying gauges. 

1. David